Add New Member

When- as they join mainly September

  1. Get picture (200x200 pixels, approx) and email address from member
  2. Turn on allow picture upload (if this is left on users try to change their pictures you then have to sort  it out for them)
    1. Components>Community Builder>Configuration-Images
    2. Set 'Allow image upload' to yes
    3. Save
  3. Create New User
    1. Components>Community Builder>User Manager-New
    2. Select Contact Info tab
      1. Name= full name
      2. User name= <initial><surname> (no spaces)
      3. password=<initial><surname><id> (3 characters, no spaces)
      4. Joined OPS (at bottom of page) = date joined
    3. Select Portrait tab
      1. Select picture
    4. Save
  4. Components>JEvents>Authorised Users-New
    1. Select user and then set:
      1. Enable User
      2. Can Create Events
      3. Can Publish Own
      4. Can Delete Own events
      5. Applicable Categories -> 'Select from List' and select 'Suggested Events' only
    2. Save
  5. Components>Joom Gallery>Category Manager
    Setup a public gallery under the users name:
    1. New
    2. Name:  User Name
    3. Select Parent Category as 'Members'
    4. Check Access is 'Public'
    5. Set owner as the member
    6. Save
  6. Components>Kunena Forum-Forum Tools-Synchronise Users-sync
  7. Turn off image upload
    1. Components>community Builder>Configuration-images
    2. Allow image upload -No
    3. Save
  8. Send email with log-in and password details and the current website help doc