DPAGB award for Bharat

Congratulations are in order for Bharat who has just been awarded the Distinction award (DPAGB) of The Photographic Alliance of Gt Britain, with a projected image submission. Hopefully we will see these soon on our website or Bharat's

This is the middle of the three awards from the Photographic Alliance. All 15 pictures are judged individually and scored by 6 judges; total scores could range from 12 to 30 per image. The DPAGB award requires 300 points from a possible maximum total of 450 (an average score of 20) and judges make their decision based on the standard of National Exhibition photography.

Bharat tells us he sweated through yesterday's PAGB assessment where there were a total of 33 entrants with prints and 15 with projected images. 22 applicants were successful and Bharat said he was glad he survived the 5 hours of tension!