Street Photography

Taken literally this genre of photography would include almost any picture taken in a public place. However the movement of street photography has come to mean more than that and whilst subjects are wide and varied they all deal with ‘life’ and its normalities, curiosities and juxtapositions. Whilst it may overlap with documentary photography, street photography does not always present a readily assimilated message and the viewer is often asked to interpret the picture and reveal for themselves their own understanding. This may challenge views, values or beliefs and it is by no means certain that the meaning and purpose seen by the photographer is the same as that of the viewer. Yet at the same time street photography can be simple and playful, by capturing spontaneous moments and juxtapositions of everyday objects with people or animals; capturing that ‘something’ lost or not seen in the fleeting moments of real time. The street photographer often has no real agenda beyond responding to the serendipitous opportunities that reveal themselves; using the skills and good luck of cunning and coincidence. Street Photography is about seeing and reacting, almost by-passing thought altogether. It has been said that street photography does not need ‘unpacking’; it is a ‘Zen’ like experience – you know when you have captured your shot and you know if you think too hard or wait too long the moment is gone!

OPS has a growing number of photographers of all abilities who enjoy the purposeful and artistic intent offered by street photography. This page highlights their work in a series of galleries and shows the diversity of approaches and styles that have developed. our web links take you to other interesting places and to photographers that have inspired and motivated us. I hope you enjoy your look around. The Street Photography Group is free to OPS members and we are all happy to offer help and share experience with newcomers.




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