Licentiateship of the Royal Photographic Society accreditation. Our current holders are:

Douglas Vernimmen

As a panel of 10 photographs, I decided to use portraits, which is one of my favourite themes. Also, for an award it was important to me to use portraits, because most of my models are friends, and thus something I wanted to give back as an acknowledgement. Last year, I’ve been really “chasing” people for taking their photographs, and I’m very pleased that most of them kindly accepted to pose for me. As a panel of 10 photographs, it has been very difficult for me to make a choice. Please forgive me if some of you haven’t been included into the panel, but the criteria I had to use were based of getting a coherent panel (Same format for all, variety of styles, techniques, street/studio shots, monochrome/colour, male/female and age of models).

For portraits, the additional difficulty was also to create a communication between all the models.

Guests included were:

  • Colin Dexter
  • Konstantina Psachoulia
  • “Carnival Chap” (Notting Hill carnival 2007)
  • “Punk” (Trastevere, Rome)
  • Michelle Holland
  • James Earl ‘Jimmy’ Carter
  • Guillaume Chauviaux
  • Chloé Chauviaux
  • Siân McKinley
  • Pascale Watkins

I would like this opportunity to thanks all my models for their collaboration but also for their friendship: Emmanuelle Uhoda, Michelle Holland, Monika Gullerova, Hannah Mischo, Konstantina Psachoulia, Siân McKinley, Heather Lee, Prof Sir David J Weatherall, Pascale Watkins, Lianne Smith and Monika Mortensen. Also many thanks to Kate Love and Harry Judge (for Colin Dexter), Sonia Pisvin (mum of Guillaume & Chloé), Madeleine Grooteclaes (mum of Léo & Clara), Souad Rahmouni (mum of Sophie), Claire Fernandez (mum of Tabitha) and Ronja Bahadori (mum of Elin). This award couldn’t have been achieved without the help of Philip Joyce, Jeff Coles, Don Byatt, Gary Irvine and Colin Harrison (Oxford Photographic Society) and Fiona Senior (Southampton Photographic Society) who helped me a lot to set up my panel. Finally, I would like to thanks Ana Guimaraes for supporting me during this stressful assessment day.