Distinction - Photographic Alliance of Great Britain accreditation. Our current holders are:

Philip Joyce

PAGB - The Distinction award (DPAGB) is the middle of the three awards from the Photographic Alliance and I obtained mine in 1994 when the awards were first introduced. All pictures are judged individually and scored by 6 judges, so your score could range from 12 to 30. The DPAGB award requires 300 points from a possible maximum total of 450 (an average score of 20) and judges make their decision based on the standard of National Exhibition photography - I totalled 327. All my pictures had gained Exhibition acceptances at the time of my submission (although some look a little dated now) and it was helpful to submit a range of subjects to minimise the risk of bias towards certain subjects and at the same time demonstrate diversity. This is a good award for people who do not like to work to narrow themes and appreciate 'stand-alone' images.