Distinction - Photographic Alliance of Great Britain accreditation. Our current holders are:

Jeff Coles


A Photographic Alliance of Great Britain Distinction is my first Photographic award, I was keen to gain my distinction with my current images and not go back and use past images , only three images out of my selection was drawn from my archive.

On the assessment day the images are viewed one at a time along with the other photographers selections, so your selection is not viewed as a panel, the only control you have is the order they are shown in.

Marks between 12 and 30 are awarded for each image and a pass mark of 300 out of a possible 450 is required. With six judges awarding marks between 2 and 5 for each picture you need to consistently score 4 with each judge to gain the award.

My final score was 296 this put me below the pass mark I was disappointed having got so close but as I was so close to passing an independent judge assessed them and awarded me the distinction. three cheers for independent judges. This is seen a fair as there is bound to be some inconsistency between a panel of 6 judges.

If you are a keen photographer and want a good measure of you standard of photography the PAGB award system is a good way to go and it makes a great day out.

I would like to thank all the members of OPS, who I must have driven crazy while making my selection and who came and supported me on the day.