Distinction - Photographic Alliance of Great Britain accreditation. Our current holders are:

Gary Irvine

"My first attempt at entering a panel for the Distinction award from the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain was last November. It fell short of the pass mark (300 points) by 10 points and even after the review the PAGB does of close results it was deemed a failure.

Having been so close I determined to beef up the panel and submit again ASAP. The 7 pictures that scored the pass mark (20) or more were retained. One that scored a 20 was replaced by what I thought of as a better version of the same subject. And 7 new images were submitted to replace those that scored less than the pass mark. The panel was duly sent off to Belfast to be judged.

The 7 pictures that had previously done well did not do fare as well this time - scoring 7 less marks, but still just over the pass mark.

The one "improved" picture scored 3 points less than the first time!

This meant that the 7 new pictures had to score 22 more points than the pictures they had replaced. Fortunately they did exactly that... giving me 300 points and the DPAGB award."