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Terry Lee

The night before the day, I stayed in a low-down dive in Gateshead and was woken at 3am by a merry bunch of Welsh Valley gals who I would guess had been on a tour of the Newcastle night clubs. They performed a tuneful and lusty rendering of 'Bread of Heaven' and I happily joined in thinking it was 3pm and I was at a rugby match. The following morning they appeared at breakfast in various versions of 'night attire' which added to my already befuddled state of confusion due to lack of sleep.

Where was I - oh yes, the day itself. Nervous apprehenion was the order of the day as I did not feel the least bit confident about my entry. Neither, I suspect, did the 'mentors' (Colin, Phil, Don, Jeff and Gary) whose comments and advice I had tried to put into effect. When my first slide hit the big screen I became a heart throb (I think I mean my heart throbbed). I remained as such until all ten slides had passed through the purring projector (sorry - can't resist bad prose).

You need to average a score of 20 points / slide to achieve the pass mark of 200 and, surprisingly, only one image failed to attain that mark. Interestingly it was the image unanimously disapproved of by the 'mentors' but I have always liked it and my work colleague said it was the best of the bunch. There must be a moral there somewhere! The standard for the Credit seemed to be very high and many of the images were stronger (in my humble opinion) than some of those that followed on in the Masters section.

It turned out to be a very enjoyable day and I'm glad Phil persuaded me to attend. The event was well organised, friendly and informal. My total score was 216 which was about 17 points more than I was expecting. I am most grateful to Colin, Phil, Don, Jeff and Gary for their help and advice.


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