Credit - Photographic Alliance of Great Britain accreditation. Our current holders are:

Colin Armitage


I decided to attend the awards after being receiving optimistic comments about my pictures from our more experienced members; this should reduce the nerves on the day, I thought. Not so! But I’m still glad I attended.

What struck me most about the event? First, the brisk pace at which pictures were presented and marked. When your picture went up, you only had to wait a few seconds to find out what the judges thought of it. Second, the excellent organisation behind the event; at the end of the CPAGB section it didn’t take long to get scores reported, and for the ‘near misses’ to be re-assessed.

The most memorable moment? The very first picture to go up was one of mine, so no chance to ‘warm up’ as some other peoples entries were marked before my own masterpieces started to appear!