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I was born and bred in Twickenham and I've been living in Oxfordshire since 1997. I now live in Sunningwell (between Oxford and Abingdon). I started when I was three having a toy camera, then a Kodak Instamatic at 6 and then various 110 type cameras and a Polaroid. In 1979 I studied photography using twin lens Rollieflex and a beaten up pole Nikon. In 1980 I bought a Rollieflex SLR then an Olympus OM1, shot mainly B&W and produced prints using a small enlarger at home. I started getting interested in studio photography and had my own continuous lights, shooting mainly Extachrome Tungsten, then getting prints (Cibachrome) for display. I belonged Whitton Photographic Society for three years.

I go through phases in what I shoot and I'm never really happy with any of the results. I am addicted and possible obsessed with the ever elusive image. I'm not really into kit, though I am lucky to have some nice stuff.

I've started going back, looking at the history of photography and those who just missed the limelight, yet unconsciously influence our eyes.

I never have enough time and never short of ideas. I could do with a 36 hour day at least.

I'm on Flickr, you will find me HERE

I also have a blog HERE

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