Oxford will be a world class city for photography when PHOTOGRAPHY OXFORD brings together the best photography from around the world in the first major new photography festival in the UK for many years. From 14th September to 5th October, there will be free exhibitions complemented by talks, debates, workshops and films featuring all the photographic genres from fine art to the edgy realism of photojournalism. Engage with the festivals and you will be entertained, informed and amazed; for more details:  http://www.photographyoxford.co.uk/index2.html


It's all about pictures and the desire to communicate, so our aim is to promote an appreciation of all forms of photography. OPS is a photographic community in which you can express and share your view of the world.

OPS welcomes photographers regardless of experience or the equipment they use and our 2014-15 season will offer a wide range of opportunities to enjoy and develop your interest in photography through our weekly meetings, special interest groups and photo-trips.

Your first visit to any OPS meeting is free and thereafter you can come as a visitor or take out membership, which is now half-price, as we are well into the current season. Members have access to our Community Page with a forum and photo-gallery to share their latest work for feedback. We are also continuing our popular Mentorship Programme, giving new or less experienced photographers the opportunity to link up with an OPS member of their choice for 1-to-1 help and support. All our mentors have listed the free support they can offer on our Community Page (requires membership log-in details). You can find out more about membership of OPS here.

It all looks very exciting and is set to further enhance our reputation as one of the leading photography groups in the UK. If you would like to know more take a look around the website or contact us. We look forward to welcoming you to one of our meetings; you are invited to visit us on any Tuesday evening...and to see what we are doing just click here.



Philip Joyce